P-A-R-T-Why? Because It's SXSW

South By Southwest. A thousand vendors screaming "Party over here!" at about a billion fucking people. Plenty of live music. Plenty of cool things to see. Free drinks. You know, like a weeklong party, except this one allows tech people in. (Just kidding, we love our developers!) (They're our nerds).

Of course, because we're based here in Austin and because we love to drink and listen to live music, we had to out-do whoever thought they could come into OUR HOUSE AND SHOW US HOW TO PARTY. We're theChive, damnit. We have a reputation to uphold.

We all had an amazing time on Austin's famous Sixth Street all the livelong week, with a banging St. Paddy's Day night shindig, then we wrapped it up with a big throwdown at John's new digs, Gatsby South. You can check out the Instagram of that nonsense HERE.

We appreciated the chance to meet some amazing folks from around the country -- and to, on occasion, give them the middle finger from our  driver's side window when the situation warranted. (Seriously, how about using your blinker guy from Ohio, huh?)

Here are a few shots from all the fun we had at SXSW 2016. Plus, you know, some real sly product placement. 

Bonus visit: Yesterday, PGA pro Ricky Fowler stopped by the office to hang out after some World Golf Championship Match play. Here's the pro with our very own video master Tony, at left, and ChiveTV guru Joey, at right.