11 Things Every Man Cave Needs | Man Cave Decor & Gift Ideas

Not all man caves are created equal. When you invite your buds over to chill, you’re not going to impress them if all you have to offer is a few beers, a TV that would look small in a dorm room, and an old couch you got for $50 on Craigslist.

Your man cave is where you go to escape stress. It’s where you and the guys get to relax every once in a while. You should treat it accordingly.

Luckily, designing the perfect man cave doesn’t need to be another chore. You just need to know what items every man cave should have.

If you want your man cave to be the kind of place your friends actually like chilling out in, be sure it has…

Quality Man Cave Furniture

Quality Man Cave Furniture - Leather Couch & Great Scotch Shirt

Let your own tastes guide you when deciding exactly what kind of couch and chairs you want for your man cave. Maybe you want a leather sofa. Maybe you want a recliner. Maybe it’s important your couch has cup holders for your beer. We don’t judge.

(That said, if your couch doesn’t have cup holders built-in, this couch coaster is a perfect substitute.)

Man Cave Ideas - Chivery Couch Coaster For Beer

Just make sure the furniture is clean, comfortable, and big enough for you and your friends to relax in without having to sit on each other’s laps. An old tie-dye bean bag chair might have been enough for your buddies in college, but in the real world, it’s just sad.

A Decent-Sized TV

Man Cave Ideas - Chive TV Man Cave Accessories

Hey, not everyone has the budget for a TV that takes up the entire wall. That doesn’t mean you should settle for a tiny box with a screen the size of an iPad mini. When you’re watching sports, it’s really helpful if you can actually see the players.

Man Cave Art

Madison Gregory Burgundy in Blue Chivery Art For Man Cave

Bare walls are depressing. Sure, a nice coat of paint can liven them up, but odds are good you and your buds aren’t going to spend a lot of time admiring the fine burgundy color you chose for a man cave.

Add some pictures to give the space some actual personality. No, it doesn’t need to be fine art. Not a lot of man caves have Vincent van Gogh pieces hanging on the wall.

The Dude Artwork - Man Cave Gift Ideas

If you’re planning on hanging with your dudes in the man cave, add a poster of The Dude himself (along with Walter and Donny). Or, if you really want to enjoy every minute you spend in your man cave, it definitely helps to have beautiful girls up on the wall. Here’s one you’re sure to love.

Man Cave Bar Ideas & Accessories

Man Cave Needs A Beer Fridge

Man Cave Gift Ideas - Chive Beer Fridge Sticker

You know what’s better than beer? Beer you don’t need to leave the man cave to get. That’s why yours needs its own little refrigerator. If you can park it right next to the couch, even better.

A Big Table

The Chive Office - Gaming Tables

Whether you’re eating, playing cards, or trying to reclaim your beer pong glory, having a big enough table to hold everything is essential. Keeping your beer on the floor when you’re not drinking it is just for savages.

Bottle Openers

Man Cave Gift Ideas - The Chive Bottle Openers

You know the feeling of panic when you have a beer, but nothing to open it with? Don’t put yourself or your friends through that. Have a dedicated space for bottle openers. Even better, stock it with unique openers like this .50 caliber one.

A Kegerator

Sure, a kegerator isn’t always going to be the cheapest thing you buy for your man cave, but it’s a smart investment. You never know when you might need to prove you can still beat your friends at beer pong.

Video Games & Table Games

Man Cave Ideas - Game Room - Chive Fireball Tee Ryu

Your man cave needs something you can do when sitting around and watching TV for hours starts to get boring. Whether it’s a pool table, dartboard, or air hockey, make sure you and your friends have the chance to indulge your competitive side from time to time.

Fast Internet

This should be a given, but you can’t show your friends a hilarious clip of a dude falling off a skateboard or your most recent funny cat video if it won’t load on your phone. Make sure the internet in your man cave is fast and reliable. No one wants to feel like they’re back in the days of dial-up.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to play music while hanging out in the man cave, it helps to have the kind of speakers you can wirelessly connect to your phone. You don’t need the kind of sound system that can fill an entire frat house with tunes.

But when your friends says, “Hey, check out this new song or watch this crazy video”, you want them to be able to connect up to your speakers quick and easy.

A Dimmer Switch For Proper Man Cave Lighting

Sometimes, you gotta find that right balance between “blindingly bright” and “darker than your sense of a humor.” A dimmer switch makes this possible. It’s a simple upgrade that will make your man cave a lot more enjoyable.

Most importantly, make this space your own. Your man cave should be a reflection of your personality. We are big fans of making your space as comfortable as possible and creating a place that’s your own. Our entire office is a big man cave and we’re damn proud to help make yours as enjoyable as we find ours!