12 Tweets That Prove That Wendy Peffercorn Is A Timeless Dime

Sandlots Wendy Peffercorn - A Timeless Dime

There are tons of iconic characters from The Sandlot, one of whom is Wendy Peffercorn. She’s that classic cutie who rocked the red lifeguard bathing suit and made Squints a very lucky dude when they locked lips. While Wendy may not have originally been clued in to what was happening, clearly she liked it because Squints was the lucky man who scored the neighborhood babe in the end.

Now, 26 years later, we are still drooling over the one and only Wendy Peffercorn –– so much so that we even designed Wendy Peffercorn shirts for girls and guys.

Sandlots Wendy Peffercorn T Shirt - Shes a Timeless Beauty

Because much like these tweets prove, loving Wendy Peffercorn is never going out of style.


Alright. We’re going to come right out and say it. Wendy was thicc. You know, that gooooood thicc with two Cs. Hot enough to impress the boys, but classy enough to take home to mom.



A word to our fellow comrades: no woman is ever out of your league. And if you truly think she is, that’s when it’s time to pretend you’re drowning. (Yeah, we said it.)



If it ain’t true love, we don’t want it. And true love looks at Wendy the way Squints does.



Join the club, take a number, and get in line homeboy.



“Wooooaaahhh” is right. That’s what we’ve been saying since ’93.



Wendy Peffercorn puts the wood in the “would I.”

(Don’t deny it. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you disagreed.)



It’s best to start ‘em young, right?

If Squints can score a chick, any young kid with four eyes and a (wet) dream can.



Squints has been inspiring young lads to quite literally get their dicks wet for over 20 years now. We like to call it the Peffercorn Effect.



Not to mention, thanks to The Sandlot, Wendy Peffercorn has been informing American youth about the importance of sun protection for over two decades.


“And every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling…”


There Wendy goes, inspiring American youth again. We think this means that Marley Shelton, the Wendy Peffercorn actress, deserves a Noble Peace Prize or something.

Quick, somebody go start a petition.



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. After all, this whole blog is about how much we love Wendy fucking Peffercorn.



Simply put, what’s life without a crush on Wendy Peffercorn? It’s meaningless, nonexistent, and empty. Peffercorn was pure perfection. Anyone who thinks otherwise has our permission to take a long walk off a short pier.

By the way: in addition to our Wendy Peffercorn shirts, we also carry unique The Sandlot merch like our Hercules (aka The Beast) t-shirt and Madison Gregory art prints of the Great Hambino.

Wendy Peffercorn - Madison Gregory Great Hambino Sandlot Print

And if you’re in need of a laugh, you should check out our cheeky reenactment of the infamous Wendy Peffercorn scene. It’s pretty funny if you ask us. (And no, of course we’re not biased.)

A wise man once said, “heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” That wise man was Babe Ruth, and we can’t help but think that the legend in question is Wendy Peffercorn.