Why We All Need Some Madison Gregory Movie Art In Our Lives

Madison Gregory - Sandlot Art Print - The Great Hambino

Let’s face it: there’s a high chance that you don’t care about fine art, just like you don’t care about fine wine (and would prefer a nice American beer instead). We’re the same way, so we don’t give a flying fuck about most art. But there are a few exceptions, and one is when it comes to Madison Gregory movie art.

The coolest artist you’ve never heard of

Who is Madison Gregory, you ask? Well, he’s an American painter who creates paintings that are really damn realistic. And yes, despite being a guy, his name is Madison. Apparently the dude studied at the Laguna College of Art and Design and makes art inspired by John Singer Sargent, Lucian Freud, Courbet, and other artists you’ve probably never heard of.

Madison Gregory Movie Art Prints - Dumb and Dumber - Go West Lloyd

While people circle jerk artists like Banksy — and Picasso — Madison Gregory makes art that you actually care about. None of that abstract shit; just good ole’ American prints inspired by your favorite movies. You’re bound to like prints from Caddyshack, The Sandlot, Dumb and Dumber, and more. We don’t want to convince you, so just check them out and see them with your own eyes.

Madison Gregory Art Prints - Do You Take Drugs Danny

The quality you never knew you wanted

When buying one of our Madison Gregory prints, you can rest assured that we’re not selling you some janky shit. This dude creates his prints with museum-quality materials, so we’re helping you look like the art connoisseur you never knew you wanted to be. (And realistically, still don’t want to be. But your friends will be impressed and that’s all that matters.)

Great Conversation Pieces

Have a friend who’s so behind on movies that you tease them for living under an actual rock? Here’s another chance to introduce them to the awesomeness they are missing. After you frame your print and hang it loud and proud on one of your walls, the fun begins. When they walk past and ask you what movie it’s from, you can laugh as you think back on the amazing lines in these films and convince them why they need to watch the most classic movies of all time.

Madison Gregory Art Print - Ron Burgundy In Blue

It can help you get laid

In an interview Madison said, “Looking at a painting for the first time is almost like being on a first date. First impressions are key, and you may lose the attention of your audience quickly…” This is twofold. Not only are his wise words some good inspiration for getting your ass in gear and remembering to focus on your first impression the next time you go on a first date. But second, when you actually take her home, you can woo her with the way you’ve decorated your pad with some pretty awesome art.

Madison Gregory Artwork - Sandlot - Forever Art Print

Sure, you may never drink tea with your pinky up or attend an art auction in your life, but we make it easy to score your favorite Madison Gregory movie art and show classic film moments that portray people like The Great Hambino loud and proud.