The Chivery's List of Epic Christmas Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Him - Chive Monthly Subscription Box For Men

Christmas shopping can be a real dud. Sure, the holidays are supposed to be all merry and shit, but let’s be honest: having to Christmas shop for a bunch of people can be stressful at worst, and boring as hell at best. We took one for the team and did the heavy lifting for you. Of course, this list is a roundup of our products, so you know they aren’t boring. So here’s a Christmas list just handed to you, in case you’re a lazy fucker.

Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas is the time to be all romantic. At least, in the eyes of most women. Netflix and chill by the fire, cheesy Christmas cards, and decorations covering every inch inside and outside of your house. While you might not be interested in any of that stupid shit, the least you can do is buy her some dope Christmas gifts. Here are our favorite recommendations this year:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her - KCCO Soft Serve Tank

KKCO Soft Serve Tank - This tank top is the perfect little gift for the hottie in your life who’s so sweet you want to eat her up. (And by all means, be our guest.)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her - Cutie With A Booty Tank

Cutie With A Booty Tank - If your girl loves the squat rack as much — or hell, maybe more — than she loves you, it’s safe to say that she will be damn proud of her booty. Give her the compliments she deserves with this cute and comfy tank, perfect for working out or laying around the house.

Patterned Undies - There’s one fact about women that's almost universal: they love cute underwear. Instead of copping them some undies from one of those chain stores in the mall that you feel creepy going into, just order them one of our Aztec, Palm Fronds, or Floral Thongs.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her - KCCO Snow Bunny Red White and Blue Winter Hat

KCCO RWB Beanie - If your babe is a glorified snowbunny, gift her with this patriotic pom pom hat come Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her - Snuggle Monster Warm Winter Blanket

Snuggle Monster Blanket - Whether you're getting this for your girl or for your mom, chances are that she's a snuggle monster. Put this blanket under the tree for the woman in your life, so she can snuggle with our soft ass blanket (and possibly you too).

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her - Volcom and The Chive Women's Swimsuit

Volcom + The Chive KCCO Swimsuit - Whether you live in warm weather where she can whip this out ASAP, are planning a winter getaway, or just wanna make sure that your girl is decked out in a dope bathing suit next summer, get her this cute one-piece.

Christmas gift ideas for him

Chivettes, we’ve got you covered. You may be a hardcore Chivette. You may just be in training. But regardless of the circumstance, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our recommendations for the men in your life this Christmas:

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him - 3oz Booze Shot Chambong

Chambong Mini 2-Pack - Get lit with a littleeee bit of class and dignity by using a dope Chambong. It can hold 3 ounces of the booze of your choice, so you and the recipient of your gift can drink up with ease.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him - Tricerataco Dinosaur Taco Holder

Tricerataco Taco Holder - Us guys are simple. Give us beer, football, and a little action — c’mon, you know what we mean — and we're happy. This Christmas gift is perfect for guys, whether you’re shopping for your man or your dad. It’s a fun novelty gift that can be used every Taco Tuesday,

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him - Chivery Monthly Subscription Boxes For Men

Chive Box - Our Chive Box is a monthly subscription box that’s filled with the best products for our beloved Chivers. Every box comes with products that are valued at $100 or more in total. Monthly subscription boxes for men have been a huge hit for years. We upped the stakes with our epic Chive Box, which is absolutely perfect for the man in your life. (Or all men, to be honest. This makes a great gift for husbands, fathers, brothers, and your drunk uncle Jimbo from Kentucky.)

They’re stuffed to the brim with t-shirts, drinkware, stickers, and absolutely epic shit that is too cool to even talk about. We make it easy to get your Chive on. We give you the goods; you give yourself another beer. Talk about partnership.

Last minute Christmas ideas

These are particularly great for extended family members you forgot you were going to see, or for that stupid Secret Santa gift exchange at work.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him - Craft Cocktail Set - Moscow Mule Old Fashioned and Spicy Margarita

The Craft Cocktail Set - Everyone loves a good cocktail! (And if they don’t, they should.) Make boozin’ easy for them with our Crazy Cocktail Set. Making an old fashioned, Moscow mule, and/or spicy margarita has never been easier. All they’ll have to do is add a shot…or two… or fuck it, maybe even three. While you’re at it, you may want to order one of these sets for yourself.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers - Bill Murray Sticker Decal - Red White and Blue

Bill Murray Patriotic Sticker - Because it's one of our more affordable KCCO items, this is perfect for stocking stuffers — or for people you feel obligated to buy a gift for but don't want to spend money on.

You may be buying a gift for someone who’s not a Chiver, but how could they not love Bill Murray? This cool patriotic sticker is the perfect Secret Santa gift if you’re cheap as fuck but want to at least give a funny gift to the coworker you hate.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers - Pineapple Bottle Opener

Pineapple Bottle Opener - There's no need for a basic bottle opener when there are cool options like this. Perfect for men, women, family, acquaintances, and once again, even the coworker you hate, this is an affordable Christmas gift for adults of all ages. (Um, but only if they're over 21. We’re legally obliged to say that.)

And last but surely not least, we have to plug our Chive Box again. After all, you may need last minute Christmas gift ideas for some of the most important people in your life. Gift them with the magic of a Chive Box. It’s better than an old-fashioned magazine subscription… or socks.

Let’s be real, though. Whatever you gift the people in your life this Christmas, you can't go wrong when you’re getting your gifts from The Chivery.