Cool Shit to Buy When You Need Cool Gifts for the Coolest Chivers You Know

Cool is a universal word for approval, often used passively as a filler adjective – a spoken nod that something or someone is in. They’re hip. They jive right. They’re CHIVE.

Sometimes it’s used inappropriately or is overused to the point where no matter how often or who says it… it loses its impact. That’s why you don’t see us telling you on every single page, post, and social comment that shit is “cool”. We don’t want to classify everything as cool. That is a gross abuse of the power of theCHIVE.

We reserve that for only the coolest of shit.

When we have cool shit for sale, or cool shit for men to buy each other when no other bro-gift will suffice, then into the cool shit collection it goes. In some cases, we reserve it for cool shit to buy your mom if she’s down.

Because moms deserve cool shit, too.

And that cool shit needs a home all by itself because it stands apart from the other less-cool-but-still-cool shit we sell.

Hence, we have theCHIVE Cool Shit Collection.


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