Top 10 Holiday Drinking Games

Top Holiday Drinking Games From The Chivery

A universal fact of life is that drinking games make getting hammered 25 times more fun. (Who knows, maybe more than 25 times) No matter how old you are, these top 10 holiday drinking games can spice up any party — whether you’re with coworkers, family, or friends. Each of these games has their own variations, so the nuances may vary depending on with whom you’re playing. But without further ado we present you with our top 10 drinking games to breeze through the holidays with a buzz.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is perhaps the most recognizable and well-known drinking game that America has to offer. It’s easy to learn and many of us have been playing since high school.

What you need: Ping Pong balls, 20 plastic cups, beer (or liquor if you’re bold), and a table. We highly recommend our patriotic beer pong table, because #Merica.

Holiday Drinking Games - Beer Pong - America Beer Pong Table

The basics: Teams of two stand across from each other and alternate turns throwing ping pong balls into the other team’s cups. Teams throw 2 balls per term. Once a bong ball lands in an opponent’s cup, they must chug the beer from that cup and remove it from gameplay. The first team to sink all the other team’s cups wins.

Of course, there are variations, specific rules, and other details of the game — but those are the basics.

Flip Cup

Holiday Drinking Games - Flip Cup - Chivery

Flip Cup is a riot — although it can be pretty damn messy. (Prepare to have Clorox Wipes on deck.)

What you need: A plastic cup for each person playing, booze, and a table big enough for the whole squad. (Did we mention that our KCCO America Beer Pong Table is pretty dope?)

The basics: Fill your cup up to the specified line (note: everyone plays with different guidelines). Each round, players chug their drink, sit the bottom of the cup on the edge of the table, and using one hand try to flip it so the opening lands face down on the table. The last person to flip their cup loses and is eliminated from the game. Flip Cup is often played in teams across the table from one another, but you’re welcome to play this drinking game as every man for himself.

Canadian Flip Cup

Canadian Flip Cup may not be known by many, but it’s damn fun. This is an entertaining one to play if there are hot chicks around because you can see what that mouth do.

What you need: The same essentials for traditional Flip Cup.

The basics: The game goes the same as normal Flip Cup, until drinks are chugged and put back on the table. Instead of flipping the cup, players use their mouths to suction on to the cup and flip it upside down. Last person to get ‘er done is eliminated.

Kings Cup

Also known as Waterfall, Circle of Death, and by a shit ton of other names, this is another one of the top 10 holiday drinking games.

What you need: Booze (obviously), a beer can, and a pack of playing cards. Pro Tip: our Chivette playing cards make a cheeky little gift for your homies — literally.

Holiday Drinking Games - Kings Cup - Chivette Playing Cards

The basics: Players sit in a circle — with a beer can placed in the middle — and pull a card from the deck, going clockwise. Every card means something different that players will do each round. Once the mini-game is done, the person who just picked the card places the card under the beer can’s tab. The person who pops the tab loses the game and has to chug the newly opened beer.

Kings Cup is a drinking game that van vary a lot with house rules, but here are some common rules:

  • 2: Give 2– Make another player take 2 sips.
  • 3: Drink 3– The player who picks this card has to take 3 sips.
  • 4: Girls drink– All of the girls in the game drink.
  • 5: Bust a move– The person who picks the card has to come up with a dance move. The next person has to do the previous move and add another one. This continues until someone makes a mistake and has to drink.
  • 6: Guys drink– All of the guys in the game drink.
  • 7: Heaven– All players point upwards. The last person to point has to drink.
  • 8: Buddy Up– The player who picked the card chooses another player to buddy up with. For the rest of the game, when one of them drinks, they both have to drink.
  • 9: Rhyme– The player who picked the card says a word. The next person has to say a word that rhymes with that word. (Quickly, of course. No dilly dallying!) The first person who can’t come up with a word has to drink.
  • 10: Categories– The player who picked the card chooses a category. (Think: brands, types of food, etc.) Everyone has to go around the circle and say something that fits within the category. Example: if the category is brands of cars, people would go around and say Ford, Chevy, etc.
  • Jack: Thumb– You have the “power of the thumb” (until further in the game when someone else draws a Jack). Whenever you want to, as much as you want to, you can put your thumb on the table. Everyone else has to hurry up and follow suit. The last person to do so has to drink.
  • Queen: Question– Ask a player a question. They have to then ask a different player a question. Note: you can’t ask a question back to the person who asked you. The first person who can’t think of a question has to drink.
  • King: New rule– The player who picked this card creates a new rule for the rest of the game. Anytime the rule is broken, the person who breaks it has to drink.
  • Ace: Waterfall– Everyone must immediately start chugging. The player who picked the card can stop drinking whenever they want, but everyone else has to keep drinking. When they stop drinking, the person to their right can stop drinking and so on. The last person in the circle has to stop drinking last.

Tumble Towers

Holiday Office Party Games - Tumble Tower - Chivery KCCO

You can make a boozy game out of Jenga, and truly make it as easy or hard as you’d like.

What you need: A Tumble Towers set. We carry an excellent one that’s not your average Jenga. It’s a high-quality set that will last a long fucking time. (And it’s one of our fave last minute Christmas gifts.)

The basics: You can play this however you’d like, which is why this tops the list specifically for our favorite office Christmas party games. This is because boring ass people who don’t drink can still join in the fun, and people who don’t know other drinking games can catch on quickly. Some fun ideas are for players to sip every time they put a block down and/or for the player who breaks the tower to chug a beer.

Chugging Competition


‘Nuff said.

What you need: You can chug directly out of beer cans, cups, or use a Chambong or funnel to make things more lit.

The basics: Chug your fucking beer. Win. Repeat.

Titty Cups

Holiday Drinking Games - Titty Cup - The Chivery

Also known as Titty Ball. We couldn’t make a list of our top 10 holiday drinking games without including a game that involves tits.

What you need: Beer pong table, 2 pong balls, 14 plastic cups.

The basics: Four people play, with each person having a partner. (So basically, you make two teams of 2.) Partners stand diagonally from one another. Each player has a 3-cup pyramid in front of them pointing at their partner. There are also two cups in a line in the middle of the table.

You yell, “One! Two! Three! Titty Cups!” Players try to bounce the ball off the table and into their partner's chest, so the partner can use their chest to get the ball directly into the cup in front of them. (It doesn’t count if the ball bounces.) Once a ball lands in a cup, players pass the cup to the opponent next to them — who then has the chug the drink. Once a team has cleared their cups, the goal is to sink balls in the two cups in the middle of the table, by getting it in with a double bounce. (Sadly, no tits are involved in this part.)

Players take turns, and the player that hits the cup has to drink it and flip it. Once its flipped, game over! The team who does it first wins. You must take turns trying to double bounce the ball into one of the middle cups. The player that hits the cup then has to drink it and flip it. Once the cup is flipped, the game is over and you win.

Never Have I Ever

This is another game with many variations, but it’s fun as hell and allows you to find a lot of dirt about who you’re playing with. (Unless they’re pussies lie.)

What you need: Fingers.

The basics: People sit in a circle and take turns saying something that they’ve never done. The more outrageous and/or inappropriate, the better. Players who have done it have to put a finger down and take a drink. The person (or people) who put all their fingers down first loses. You can play with 3 fingers, 5, or 10. (Or a random number if you’re a weirdo.)


Quarters is fun, simple, and easy to learn. AKA, it obviously had to make our list of the best holiday drinking games.

What you need: 2 quarters, 2 shot glasses, and a half cup of beer. Side note: We carry a fun 2-pack Challenge Coin for charity, as well as a couple dope Bill Fucking Murray coins.

Holiday Drinking Games - Quarters - KCCO Commemorative Coins

The basics: Players try to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. The game starts with two players across the table from each other. Each player tries to bounce their quarter into their shot glass. Once you make your quarter into the shot glass, the person to your left has to start. You want to make sure that you get your quarter in before the person immediately to your right does. If you get caught going too slow and the person to the right catches up to you, you have to chug the beer in the middle. Once someone does that, you refill the beer and start again. Some people play with more complex variations, but that’s the gist of Quarters.

Make Your Own

You can make anything into a drinking game if you try hard enough. In fact, sometimes you don’t have to try at all. You can make a random drinking game — or adapt an existing one — based on literally anything you’re doing/watching/playing. This is why it’s one of the best ideas for office Christmas party games.

What you need: Creativity! But playing Corn Hole or Washers, for example, are great starting points for common games that everyone knows. (Both of which also double as high quality and thoughtful last minute Christmas gifts, by the way.)

Each of these games need some basic gear to play with, and many of the necessities double as great last minute Christmas gifts that we carry here at The Chivery. So give the gift of drinking, have the recipient rip it open, then proceed to rip some beers.

With our top 10 holiday drinking games you can be armed with the tools to power through the holidays with a never-ending buzz.