Why We Love Chris Farley - Honoring One Of Comedy’s Best

Why We Love Chris Farley - Honoring One of Comedy's Best

If you’re new around here, you may be wondering why we love Chris Farley so much. And while we could easily say, “Because why the fuck not?”, we’ll spare you the heckling and get you in the loop. Because while we think that this is an obvious and rhetorical question, we realize that some Chivers and Chivettes need to be brought up to speed.

Simply put, Chris Farley was as funny and badass as they come. He lived life on the wild side, and as a result, provided us with some unforgettable comedy gold. No matter how bold and badass you may be yourself, Farley has a way of turning us all into full-fledged fangirls. (Don’t lie, you know it's true.)

When talking shop about the best of Christ Farley, you’ve got to include his epic 5-year “Saturday Night Live” tenure, his unforgettable Chippendales audition with Patrick Swayze, and his ‘90s blockbusters like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. And of course, let us not forget his movie appearances in Wayne’s World, Coneheads, and Billy Madison.

Chris Farley - Chippendales

Chris Farley memes are fun and all — and we’ve all seen a million — but the man deserves more recognition than basic internet jokes. By now y’all know that we always take things a step further here at The Chivery, and our merch always reflects that. It’s time to show your support for the 1990’s GOAT of comedy and openly fangirl (or fanboy) with pride. And yeah, we said it. Chris Farley is one of the fucking Greatest-Of-All-Time.

Here’s a curated list of our favorite Farley gear here at The Chivery:

Farley Foley Sticker - Chris Farley Merch

Matt Foley Sticker

Matt Foley is one of Farley’s most well-known characters. Foley was the memorable 35-year-old motivational speaker who infamously lived in a van down by the river. Matt Foley is a timeless SNL figure, and his skits never fail to elicit belly laughs. Slap this sticker on your computer, water bottle, or on your face for all we care. Just stick it.

Chris Farley - Saturday Night Live Tee Shirt - Chivery

Matt Foley SNL Tee

Keeping up the Matt Foley love, we designed a matching t-shirt that pays homage. There's no doubt that these unforgettable sketches will continue to live on, thanks to the quotes and moments that helped make Foley’s career what it was. Sport one of our dope Foley shirts and honor one of the best “Saturday Night Live” characters there ever was.

Chris Farley - Cheesehead Shirt - Chivery

Cheesehead Merch

Farley was a Cheesehead. (Just in case any of you are football haters that are living under a rock, that means he was a Green Bay Packers fan.) Since he was a member of Chicago’s Second City Theatre, you may associate him with Chicago. But Farley was more #Cheesehead than #DaBears. Born and raised in Wisconsin — having even gone to Marquette University in Milwaukee — Farley bled Packers blood through and through.

Grab these men’s and women’s Chris Farley Cheesehead T-shirts while you can — whether you're typically a Green Bay fan on not. There's nothing like a hometown hero, after all.

Chris Farley - Da Legund Gear - Chivery

“Da Lejund” Gear

If you’re still reading this, it’s pretty clear that you agree that Chris Farley is “da lejund.” Naturally, we’ve got The Chivery stocked with gear in his honor. Check out this final roundup:

Farley Boy Men’s and Women’s Lejund Tee

Da Lejund Men’s and Women’s Tee

Chivery - Chris Farley Lucky Legend Shirt

Lucky Lejund Tee

Holy Schnike Men's and Women’s Tee

Chris Farley Lejund Gear - Chivery

Chris Farley’s Lejund Tee

Schmitts Lejund Tee

Farley Boy Lejund Sticker

Holy Schnike Lejund Sticker

We carry a ton of other Farley merchandise, so shop around and grab an SNL Chris Farley t-shirt of your own. Our dude battled a lot of demons before his life was tragically cut short, so let us get sappy for a moment and express how grateful we are for him. Despite the horrible bullshit going on in his own life, he was determined to make ours better — or at least, a little happier.

It doesn’t matter how quickly his career may have passed us by. He’s a damn legend and we should all act like it. We even made a film, called I Am Chris Farley, about him. (Sure, we’re biased as hell, but we’ve heard it's pretty damn good.) So for all of you Farley newbies out there, stand back and respect the fucking throne.